Bunny Dave

I'm thinking of calling my crochet company, 'Bunny Dave'. He's the name of the first rabbit I've crocheted. I don't think I've shown you on here!

So, he's called Dave. While I was making him, I kept saying "Oh I just need to do his ears", "He's almost done!", "I'm so excited for when he's finished!!" I thought he was a boy before I even made him, it doesn't matter that he's pink with flowery ears! That's how the name Bunny Dave came about. 

Last night I was doodling ideas for what my tags could be and these are some of them! 

I particularly like the two that I've posted, so I'm going to work on them a bit more. Maybe I'll do both of them together, because I like them so much! I realise now that the bunny with the smile is a bit scary, so we won't use him! 

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