Things I Love 27/05

1. Bicycles! I've been thinking about getting a bike, but I want a really really pretty one and they're a bajillion monies and I don't have that kind of cash! A girl can dream! (purifelo)
2. Peonies are my favourite flower but you don't always see them around! (clubzi)
3. These watercolour handmade type cards are so lovely. There's more if you follow the link and they are all delighful! (Oh So Beautiful Paper)
4. Currently obsessed with TV Drama Vikings. It's men and beards, what more could you want. This guy is Ragnar Lothbrok and he's awesome. (Why So Serious/Lovefilm)

DONE- Bleach Painting

I actually did something that I intended to do. The tutorial for this bleach painting came from Lune for a feature on A Beautiful Mess. The steps are outlined in great detail on there, but here are a few shots I took during the process! 

I need to get actual chalk or fabric chalk because I could only find a white pencil so it was a bit hard to see the outline. Painting it at first was scary because I didn't know how the bleach would react with the fabric, but it all turned out well and now all my family want one! I'm gonna do some more once I've been to buy more dark t-shirts!

Things To Do 20/05

Bleach Painting- I've already bought a black vest so that I can try this lovely tutorial originally by Lune, but featured on A Beautiful Mess. I discovered it on Blythe Ponytail Parades. I'm waiting for the weather to be good and not rainy like it is now. It needs to hurry up because I'm getting impatient!!

Bokeh Photos- I've wanted to do this for ages! I even bought a bokeh kit with lots of different shapes. I just haven't got around to doing it. It is on my to do list and I will do it soon! (photo credit DIY Photography)

Calligraffiti Stuffs

Bunny Dave

I'm thinking of calling my crochet company, 'Bunny Dave'. He's the name of the first rabbit I've crocheted. I don't think I've shown you on here!

So, he's called Dave. While I was making him, I kept saying "Oh I just need to do his ears", "He's almost done!", "I'm so excited for when he's finished!!" I thought he was a boy before I even made him, it doesn't matter that he's pink with flowery ears! That's how the name Bunny Dave came about. 

Last night I was doodling ideas for what my tags could be and these are some of them! 

I particularly like the two that I've posted, so I'm going to work on them a bit more. Maybe I'll do both of them together, because I like them so much! I realise now that the bunny with the smile is a bit scary, so we won't use him! 

Things I Love 20/05

1. Scallop Edged Things /Maroon Skirt (Hobbs UK)/Blue Skirt (Geisha Pearl)/Scallop Bunting (Etsy) /Scallop Edge Cupcake Wrappers (Etsy)
2. Felt Garland (Etsy)
3. Watermelon! I can't get enough of the stuff right now! (by Carrie Wish Wish)
4. Spock and Uhura= Best Relationship (spocksvulcanbutt)
5. Modern Family, in particular Lily. She's just so sassy and it makes me laugh too much! (weiszrachels)
6. Pretty sterling silver earrings (Accessorize)

Toosday Doodles!

I drew Princess Kida after watching Atlanis: The Lost Empire. It was a pleasure to draw!

Fairies! Haven't drawn one in ages!

I need to colour both of these! I'll get to it this week! Keep and eye out!

Toys Toys Toys!

Currently Reading

Inside HBO's Game of Thrones

I picked this up in The Works for not that much money at all! It's so pretty! The writing inside is also really witty. It's interviews are by cast and crew, and there are lots of funny remarks! I'm just reading about The Lannisters now, it's very interesting! There's also reasons I like it, like the obvious eye candy (see Jon Snow!) and really nice Calligraphy! 

Fundamentals of Modern Photography

I bought this to help me take better photos! Along with my course, I should get better at it!

My Week in Phone Photos

  1. I'm planning on dying the ends of my hair! I like all these colours, but might go for the purple or the reddy pink in between the orange and red.
 2. I've been eating healthily in an attempt to get off this weight loss plateau. These Mediterranean veggies are the best thing right now!
 3. Addicted to Liquorice Comfits and I came across this huge one!!

 4. I wore this outfit to see Viva Forever, I thought I looked banging.
 5. Viva Forever!! For Josie's birthday. It was a fun night, but the story wasn't that great.
 6. More veggies!!!
 7. When I was younger, I used to draw fairies all the time! I haven't in ages, so I thought I would again! I just need to colour this, but I'll do it in the week!
 8. I love this dip dye crochet jumper. I bought it ages ago, but didn't really wear it. Rediscovered and it feels so good!

9. My parents made homemade burgers, they were super delish! 
10. After 3 weeks of not eating chocolate, I decided to have one dark chocolate minty thin. It was good, but I didn't feel like I needed to have more. It's safe to say, I don't need chocolate to survive and I can do well without it!