Wolf and The Fox

I follow Selina from healthyforlifefitforever on tumblr because she's also on an amazing weightloss journey. I like her blog because she puts personal bits on it too and it's nice to see the progress she's making. She makes these really cool bags and purses and I bought two for now. They're super adorable, especially the little boats! She also has a blog which has more craft stuff than her tumblr. You can see them at Wolf & The Fox

Hopefully Selina can make me a bag in the paper boat fabric too because it's just soooo cute! I love paper boats! If you want to buy one, you can send her a message on tumblr or email her from her blog. They are 50NOK for the purses and 100NOK for the bags, which are about £6 and £11, respectively. They're really high quality and both lined and pretty pretty! 

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