My Week in Phone Photos

1. It was my birthday on the Weekend as you've probably grasped from previous posts. In the evening, I got  home to a BBQ and we had some family friends over and this was our dessert for the evening. 

2. My best friend bought me Nemo :D Love it! 

3. I requested Calligraphy pens for my birthday. One evening we went shopping at Westfield and I picked up this Sheaffer set from John Lewis. So exciting!  

4. They finally got my name right at Starbucks! Yes! 

5. I love this dress. On this day I was going out for lunch with one of my girl friends (she makes amazing jewellery and hopefully one day she'll let me do a blog post about her!). We planned to have lunch, and then go to the cinema to watch The Host. When we got to the cinema, they said that the showing had been cancelled because the projector was broken! So we had a really long lunch with pizza and dessert and it was so good! We boy bashed, because sometimes they are silly. Our waiter had huge hands that made the bottles look really tiny and we laughed about that. After the cinema we decided that we would go to a different cinema to watch the movie, but we had so much time to waste! It was good just hanging out though.

6. I have a pen fever and bought a Pilot Parallel Pen because it looked really cool and I love love it so much! Look at my next post for more messing around with it.

7. This pizza is amazing! Nuff said! I need to go buy some more.

8. At work, I love reading to the children. This book is my favourite at the moment and this lion face makes me laugh every time :D 

9. The first actual warm spring day! We had a great picnic at the common for aaages. It didn't even feel like I was at work! Look at them clouds too!

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