My Birthday Weekend 2013

I haven't worn this dress in forever! I actually think I just wore it for my Graduation 3 years ago and then maybe a couple of times after that but that's all! Recently discovered it again and love it!

These are the Docklands. We actually went in the cable cars across the river and I'm so glad it was sunny! 

Josie and I went to another Craft Show. This one was called Creative Stitches and Hobby Craft and took place at the ExCel Center, London. I thought it would be different to the Knitting and Stitching Show that was at Olympia, but it was very similar. The differences were that there was more paper craft at this one and other types of craft, like nail art and such. There was a catwalk which was cool, and exhibited lots of handmade clothes. There was this incredible knitted sea house and everything in it and surrounding it was knitted. It was made to provide support for the RNLI

Pretty clothes from movies such as Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.

Cable cars! It was really fun! Josie and I wish everyone else wanted to go on it too!

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