Sabe Birthday


 Got my spring shoes! They pretty!

My outfit to a picnic I had with my friend Laura. It was so relaxing and I got a little bit sunburnt but it resulted in a nice glowy tan.

New Pen!


We decided to spend the day at the beach for Rachel's 24th Birthday! It was a great day out in Hastings, a little bit cold but still wonderfully sunny! We went into some of the shops, which had really pretty things! 

Kat has cool sunglasses that look like ice lollies or I think Josie said fruit salad sweets, and they were making us hungry!

There was very cool art in Hastings. I was a big fan of that feather. I want it to be on my house!

We all said we want one of these fancy bicycles. But they were quite pricey indeed!!

Pretty sunglass faces while we were eating lunch, and trying not to be attacked by monstrous seagulls!

Taking Brent, the kite out for a fly on a nice windy day! He was having so much fun and so were we to be honest!

Aha! I didn't think Pirate Crazy Golf would be as much fun as it was, despite losing, I had an excellent time! Sports were never my strong point. I did manage to get it in on the second go, on one of the holes!!

Ohhh we just had a really good day. We also ate ice cream and strawberries dipped in chocolate and it was yuuuuum!

Calligraphy Places

There is calligraphy everywhere. On shop signs and places. When I was at school, I used to obsessed with shop fronts because there's so many different kinds of writing and it's nice to take notice of it again. I found these when I was in Hastings on Monday.