The Knitting And Stitching Show 2013

Every year we go to the Knitting and Stitching Show, formerly known as The Stitch and Craft Show. It's a wonderful time of creativity and craft supplies. Every year I'm astounded by things that people make. I always stock up on craft supplies that I need too, which is always nice!

I felt good today! I wore a black dress with black leggings and my cowboy boots, with a denim shirt over and my lovely floral scarf. I should have taken a picture of my whole outfit, but I didn't.

 Here are Josie and Laura looking at the cross-stitch patterns. We ended up buying that sewing machine one there in the top corner so watch this space for updates of that!

 Ribbons galore!! We really had to not buy more ribbon because we still have the ribbon from last year. Oh! and how cute are those ladybird and jammy dodger tape measures!?

This ring and this brooch were from the same amazing stall. They always have really lovely jewellery for not too much money. I love my brooch! Totally going to wear it all the time. That's Josie from Josie Makes modelling that lovely daisy ring.

It's a festival of quilts! I really need to get quilting because they're just so beautiful! Like look at how amazing those are. So much work goes into them too. It's on my lifetime to do list!

New bag times! Yay!! House of Alistair is my new favourite shop. Everything they had was pretty! I so didn't need a new mirror, but how could I resist. You can never have too many embroidery hoops! I like to leave my designs in them, so I always stock up at the show. Such gorgeous fabric from Alice Caroline who sells beautiful Liberty fabric. I got these 4, now I just need to find something to do with them!

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