The Big Write 2013

The Big Write is a Festival of Children's Literature, which is the best kind of literature out there. Children's stories make it okay dream big and to imagine different worlds. People who write childrens literature are the best kinds of people because they're still dreaming and using their imaginations. Something most of the population grow out of.

Today I was lucky enough to go to one of the events at Discover Story Centre. The day consisted of being read stories by Ed Vere (Mr Big, Bedtime for Monsters, The Getaway) and David Roberts (Dirty Bertie), drawing with Ed Vere and David Roberts and also having Martin Brown talk to us about drawing and illustrating for Horrible Histories.

My drawings and E's drawings! We had such fun and as you can see, we are very talented!

The best part of the day was meeting Ed Vere and getting our books signed by him. I must admit, I was fangirling a bit! He even drew a little monster on the page! 

Oh! I also remembered to take a photo of my outfit for today because it was another outfit I liked. 

(I'm a little bit obsessed with polka dots!)

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