Prettytape not Sellotape

In February I put Washi Tapes in my Wishlist, because they were so so pretty and would make any package look amazing. Tapes are fun because you can use them on DIY projects, like making cards or revamping notebooks. I've wanted these pretty Washi ones for ages because the come in lots of different designs, all which are very lovely! While out shopping the other day I found some really nice ones!

I found these fabric tapes completely by accident while shopping for a birthday present for my friend. TIGER is a relatively new store that I've completely fallen in love with! It has really quirky but also very lovely things.  It sells almost everything you need for your house from candles to plates to knitting needles and even really random things like heart shaped sponges! And it's all very cheap! I love it! So these fabric tapes were £3.oo each for 3m of tape and I've fallen in love with them! Look out for new craft projects using these! 

Paperchase have some darling tapes which aren't very expensive, starting at £3.oo and they also have some packs for £6.oo with varying designs and widths. Everything from Paperchase is really good quality so you'll have lots of fun using these in any craft projects. 

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