Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend has been very chill! I've been crafting the whole weekend and spending time with family and friends. I've also eaten a whole heap of chocolate, which I kind of regret, but not that much because it was yummy! I've finished my snood and I'm so glad. I've been working on it since the beginning of February. While I was in bed this morning I thought I'd try to make some flowers and hearts. I got a bit confused by the flowers because the book I have is written in UK terminology and I taught myself from US terminology so it was a bit confusing. Kind of got there in the end. Now I've decided to start a new project of making a granny square blanket! But I've run out of wool! I managed to make 3 small squares before I ran out of the green wool. So I've ordered more of that and some cream and navy for two more rounds. Then my blanket will be well on it's way. I get so excited awaiting packages of yarn!! While I wait for it, I'll do more of my cross stitching.


  1. I wonder why Easter is defined by chocolate - where in the Bible does it ever mention Jesus having chocolate eggs, being dished out by bunnies? LOL

    Still, shame on you for having a milk choc egg - nothing beats the creamy goodness of white chocolate!!! =P

    1. I don't even celebrate Easter! I just like chocolate!! My mama bought it for me so I ate it! If she bought me a white chocolate egg, I would have eaten that!