Art on The Southbank, London

On Monday we took a journey to London in order to try and fit in seeing all of the main attractions of London. My brother in law was leaving on Wednesday and hadn't seen London yet, because my sister just took him shopping instead!

We walked from London Bridge Station, along The Southbank to Westminster Bridge and then back to Waterloo Bridge where we crossed over and walked to Trafalgar Sq and Leicester Sq and then back to Embankment where we took a river boat home to North Greenwich. We visited The Tate Modern and stopped to eat at EAT. (It was delicioso!) It was absoloutely freezing! I don't think it was a good idea to walk around for 5 hours in the cold. When I got home I was so drained and could hardly move. Never again!

At least London is pretty and that was the redeeming moment. I love London, it's just a great city in terms of things to do and things to look at.

Art at The Southbank is such a big thing and there's always something pretty to look at or some interactive exhibition going on. The skate park there is different every time I go and it always looks amazing.

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