I feel sick. I painted my nails though. I'm going to get ready for work now. Soldiering on!

Art on The Southbank, London

On Monday we took a journey to London in order to try and fit in seeing all of the main attractions of London. My brother in law was leaving on Wednesday and hadn't seen London yet, because my sister just took him shopping instead!

We walked from London Bridge Station, along The Southbank to Westminster Bridge and then back to Waterloo Bridge where we crossed over and walked to Trafalgar Sq and Leicester Sq and then back to Embankment where we took a river boat home to North Greenwich. We visited The Tate Modern and stopped to eat at EAT. (It was delicioso!) It was absoloutely freezing! I don't think it was a good idea to walk around for 5 hours in the cold. When I got home I was so drained and could hardly move. Never again!

At least London is pretty and that was the redeeming moment. I love London, it's just a great city in terms of things to do and things to look at.

Art at The Southbank is such a big thing and there's always something pretty to look at or some interactive exhibition going on. The skate park there is different every time I go and it always looks amazing.

Cold Cold!

It was very very cold on the top deck of the tour bus! We have to suffer for our art and I would not have got any of the lovely photos if I had sat on the inside. I'm glad I suffered through the cold! Here's a picture of me being cold!!

Lord bless my lovely big Snow White hood! 

Beauty of Scotland

On The Road

Family People and Me

On The Way To Scotland

February Feeling Musical Playlist

These are the songs I've really been feeling this month. Some are oldies because for our road trip to Scotland, I made a car playlist that everyone would enjoy. Only 3 of them are actual chart songs right now! It was fun making this, I wanna make more! Look out for a new March playlist, coming soooon! 

February Wishlist

1. Diana F+ Camera 
I've wanted one of these for ages but I keep putting it off! I vow to get one before Summer 2013!!

2. MT Washi Tapes
I recently discovered these on a nice blog I found called AdaLouVintage who featured the people who sold the tape called Whimsy and Juno. They have a lovely blog and a shop too!

3. Cowboy Boots
My boots broke while I was in Scotland so I need a new pair. I've had my eyes on Cowboy Boots for ages so I think now is the time to get them! I will have them sooooon!

Valentine Love

This is what Valentines Day brings this year. I made this for a card for my friend Laura! A month or so ago when I was having a major room clear out, I found a spectacular Valentines card that she made for me which we were at uni and that was about 4 years ago! I loved it though so thought I would make her one this year, because I don't think we've bothered in other years!

I haven't embroidered for aaages and it was actually really fun! I didn't know how I was going to neatly draw on my fabric so I found this wonderful tutorial by Leigh Ann of Freckled Nest which made it all so easier. I'll defo be using this method in future stitches. That will be soon soon! I feel very inspired recently!!